Mediation is a voluntary process through which parties may resolve disputes with the assistance of a mediator who facilitates the process. Piper is a certified mediator through the Kitsap Dispute Resolution Center where she serves as a volunteer mediator. She completed her initial training at  the University of Washington School of Law. She draws upon this training when representing clients at mediation and settlement conferences. In addition, she offers mediation services directly to clients through her firm. 


As a former public defender, Piper has an extensive experience in criminal practice.  She represents clients accused of criminal conduct, facing misdemeanor or felony charges. She carefully investigates cases and advises clients of their options so that they can make an informed decision about how to proceed whether it is a diversion or deferred prosecution, a plea offer or a trial. She is there to argue, negotiate, and litigate to help her clients achieve the best outcome  possible. 


Piper is a Notary Public and her firm offers notary services.